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Revitalash and Revitabrow at Pure Perfection Clinic Wrexham, Cheshire

RevitaLash and RevitaBrow: The Perfect Treatment for Bold Brows and Long Lashes

 May 25, 2018
The team at Pure Perfect Clinic in Wrexham, Chester, are always on the lookout for and keep up to date with the latest and greatest aesthetic treatments, technology, and products. Our mission is to have each and every one of our patients leave Pure Perfection Clinic with more confidence... read more
Dermapen or skin needling treatments

Dream a Little Dream of Dermapen: Skin Needling, The Miracle Skin Remodelling Treatment

 May 16, 2018
Our skin; it is the largest and one of the most important organs in our body. Fighter of dirt and disease, cuts and grazes, the hairs on it stand tall in cold weather, the list goes on. In all of its wondrous efforts to protect us, our skin undergoes... read more
Semi permanent makeup Chester, Wrexham

Microblading Vs Semi-Permanent Makeup: What’s the Difference and Which Comes Out on Top?

 May 11, 2018
Semi-permanent makeup, particularly for the brows, has been growing in popularity for some time. At Pure Perfection Clinic serving Wrexham and Chester, our Gold Standard Practitioner, Kim has been delivering luscious and natural-looking brows to our clients using semi-permanent makeup treatment, a machine operated method. Not only for the... read more
Semi permanent makeup

We’re Obsessed With Semi-Permanent Makeup and Here’s Why

 May 2, 2018
This isn’t the first time we have raved about the practical and empowering performance of semi-permanent makeup – and we can assure you that it won’t be the last! For every woman, it offers the perfect companion to keep you looking and feeling fabulous no matter the time of... read more

Award-winning Skinade collagen anti-ageing drink

Skinade Just Won the Beauty Choice Award and We Want You To Know Why

 April 26, 2018
Pure Perfection Clinic has long been an advocate of the super skin-supporting Skinade, so we were not surprised when we heard that they had won NewBeauty’s Beauty Choice Award for the ‘Beauty from the inside’ category with Skinade’s results-driven skincare drink. That’s right; Skinade provides all the goodness that... read more
rosacea awareness month

Rosacea Treatment: Making You Aware In Rosacea Awareness Month

 April 19, 2018
That’s right; it is Rosacea Awareness Month so we thought we should share with all of you what Rosacea is and why you don’t need to just put up with it. Many of our clients at Pure Perfection Clinic have suffered for years from Rosacea which is usually recognised... read more
Why we should not use moisturiser

Why We Should Not Be Using Moisturisers

 April 11, 2018
In every supermarket, pharmacy, beauty magazine, there are shelves and pages dedicated to moisturising products. They are consistently labelled with miraculous anti-ageing, super-hydrating properties and year on year we collectively empty billions of pounds from our pockets into the industry. At Pure Perfection Clinic in Wrexham, Chester, we know... read more
hydrafacial booster serum

Spring Into the New Season with HydraFacial Brightalive® Booster Serum

 April 6, 2018
Easter has passed, the temperatures are starting to creep up – sort of – and we are supposed to be feeling the revitalising effects of the new season. As the flowers begin to show their faces, we should be showing off our own. However, if you feel that your... read more

Highly Commended Best Clinic

Pure Perfection Awarded Highly Commended for Best Aesthetic Clinic 2018

 March 28, 2018
That’s right; at the prestigious MyFaceMyBody Awards, Pure Perfection Clinic walked away with a Highly Commended in the South West and Wales category for Best Aesthetic Clinic – and we’re thrilled! As we add another figurative trophy to our cabinet, we want to share our joy with you, our... read more
Dermal and lip filler treatment

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Facial Fillers

 March 22, 2018
Fillers have been quite the craze of late – for the good and the bad. The aesthetic fantasies of our favourite celebrities have filtered through to us mortals who too, are worthy of flawless skin and enhanced natural beauty. We have probably all seen the home-kit-lip-fillers gone wrong and... read more
Everyday skincare spring

4 Fantastic Everyday Ways to Care For Your Skin this Spring

 March 14, 2018
With the coming of March we (are supposed to) say goodbye to winter, and throw open our windows to fresh spring air. Whilst winter isn’t quite out of the door, the mornings are certainly getting brighter and we should be able to say the same for our skin. Where... read more
semi permanent makeup

Why Semi-Permanent Make-Up is the Best Decision You Can Make Today

 March 8, 2018
We all know the drill. The alarm sounds in the morning but as is the nature of British weather, outside is cold, probably raining, and to stay rolled up in the comfort of our duvet is much more appealing. We snooze the alarm; five, ten, fifteen minutes pass until... read more

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